About Us

Oilfield Supply Alliance (OSA) specializes in the supply of oilfield equipment and service solutions to the international oil and gas industry. OSA’s custom solutions are aimed at helping Customers get the best from their well activities. Whether Customers are constructing, operating, maintaining or upgrading wells, OSA is able to provide solutions that make a positive impact. OSA has the personnel and experience to ensure that our Rig and equipment packages are manufactured to international standards, and can start up and operate with maximum uptime in the field. With a long history of operating and maintaining onshore and offshore drilling rigs our personnel are well equipped to assist our customers optimize their rig packages. And it's associate partner company Strategic Oilfield Services based out of the United States.

OSA’s range of equipment and service solutions include:

Rig Packages

  • Total Rig Site Packages, from 350hp - 3000hp.
  • Rig Performance Upgrades.
  • Equipment and Tools.
  • Service and Spares.
  • Camp Manufacturing.

Mud Processing Equipment and Chemicals

  • Total Well Site Packages for Storing, Mixing, Pumping, and Treatment of well construction Fluids.
  • Drilling Fluid Chemical Supplies.
  • Mud Tank Systems Design and Fabrication.
  • Butterfly Valves.
  • Equipment (Mixing-, Agitators, Centrifugal Pumps-, Low Pressure mud Guns, Solids Control Equipment and Shaker Screens).
  • Spare Parts.

Pressure Control Equipment

  • Chokes and Consoles (Manual and Hydraulic).
  • Gate Valves.
  • Choke Manifolds.
  • Drilling Spool Adapters.
  • Mud Gas Separators.

Drilling Instrumentation

  • Stand Pipe Pressure Gauges.
  • Pressure Recorders.
  • Load cells (Compression, Tension and Pressure).
  • Mud Pump Stroke Counters.
  • Weight Indicators.
  • Deadline Anchors.

Top Drive Engineering and Technicians

  • Top Drive Supply, Refurbishment and Overhaul.
  • Certified Tesco and NOV Top Drive Engineers.
  • Spare Parts Supplies.
  • Services.